Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I know we had so many questions going into this. I can’t calculate how many hours we have spent Googling every question our brains could think of. We want this to be a educational space. Please contact us with any questions you may have or any questions you think would be helpful to add to this page!

Who are the children available for adoption?

Infant boys and girls. More boys are available than girls for South Korean adoption. You will usually take custody at approximately 15 to 21 months of age. 
Note: The gender may not be specified for your first adoption.

What is the cost of adopting from South Korea?

  • Application for Placement Agency $300
  • Application for Home Study Agency $150
  • Home Study $2,500
  • Local Clearances $32
  • Online Education $140
  • FBI Fingerprinting $50 per adult ($100)
  • CAS Part A Fee $1,575
  • Psychological Evaluations $850 per adult ($1,700)
  • Enrollment Fee $4,000
  • International Service Fee $400
  • Monitoring and Oversight Fee to IAAME $500
  • USCIS I-600A Application $775
  • USCIS Biometrics $85/per adult ($170)
  • SWS Fee $20,040
  • Acceptance Fee $4,000
  • Post-Placement Fee $1,400
  • Plane Tickets $1,300-$2,500 per adult per trip- 2 trips required ($5,200-$10,000)
  • Child’s Plane Ticket
  • Hotel and meals $150-$300 per night- 2 trips required- ~20 nights total ($3,000-$6,000)
  • Re-adoption $250
  • Requests for Vital Records (birth certificates, marriage license, etc.)
  • Medical exams for all adults in home
  • Veterinary exams/records for all pets in home
  • FedEx fees

Average Timeframe?

The average home study takes approximately 3 months to complete. Referrals are received approximately 1-12 months after your home study is received by SWS. You can expect to travel to South Korea approximately 9-12 months after accepting your child’s referral. There are multiple private adoption agencies in South Korea, so please note these time estimates vary.