Timelines are one the the first things I began looking for when we started this journey. Remember everyone’s story is different, but here is how our story has developed so far:

May 29, 2018– Pre-Application with initial agency

May 30, 2018– Call with Adoption Advisor at agency regarding different country programs

June 6-13, 2018 (Vacation)- Taking this time to consider the different programs; Call with Adoption Advisor while on vacation to answer questions

June 26, 2018– Application to initial agency ($350)

July 2018– Gather supporting documents; write personal statements; and complete Medical Needs Checklist for application (decided on China Program)

August 8, 2018– Application to home study agency ($150)

August 9, 2018– Application for home study approved ($2450)

August 23, 2018– Mail: SLED Criminal Record Checks ($8 each), SLED Sex Offender Checks (no charge), SC-DSS Child Abuse Clearances ($8 each) Tip- Go ahead and mail these as soon as possible because they can take a while!

August 31, 2018– Social Worker assigned

September 2018– Switch placement agencies and enter the South Korea Program

September 8, 2018– 1st Home Visit- joint interview

September 25, 2018- Mail application/forms to new placement agency ($5,200)

September 27, 2018– 2nd Home Visit- individual interviews and joint interview

October 4, 2018– Receive Dossier Packet from agency

October 7, 2018– Complete online education ($140)

October 10, 2018– 3rd Home Visit

October 10, 2018– Dave fingerprinting appointment ($50)

October 12, 2018– Kim fingerprinting appointment ($50)

October 15, 2018– Sign contract for South Korea Partnership (pay Part A- $1575)

October 26, 2018- Psychologist evaluations and testing appointments ($1,700)

December 27, 2018– Receive news of proposed legislation that would transfer adoptions from private agencies to regional government

January 9, 2019– Call with agency re South Korea program

January 10, 2019– FedEx packet of Dossier documents to agency

January 30, 2019– Receive finalized home study in mail

January 30, 2019– Submit I-600a application to USCIS via FedEx ($775 application + $170 fingerprints)

January 31, 2019- Our packet is sent to South Korea- OFFICIALLY A WAITING FAMILY!!!!

February 5, 2019 – Text Message: Receipt of I-600A with our Case #

February 11, 2019– Receive notices for our Biometric Appointments in the mail

February 20, 2019– Biometric Appointments

March 25, 2019– Receive 171-H approval notice in the mail (I-600A approval)!

April 2, 2019– Receive email notice that our case was sent to the US Embassy in Seoul

May 7, 2019REFERRAL !!!!

May 23, 2019– Accept Referral (Korean Agency Fee $20,040; Acceptance Fee $4,000; Post Adoption Report Fee $1,400)

July 2, 2019– Send 1st care package

July 29, 2019– Submit I-600 Application to USCIS via FedEx

July 29, 2019– Submit Statement of Acceptance (this is sent to you prior to your EP Submission)

August 8, 2019– Receive DVD update with photos and videos!

August 24, 2019– Receive I-600 “Notice of Transfer” (transferred to USCIS Seoul Field Office)

September 3, 2019– EP Submission

September 18, 2019– Receive notice our approved I-600 was sent to the U.S. Embassy in Seoul

November 26, 2019– EP Approval

January 6, 2020– Submitted to Court


Court Date Assignment 1st Meeting
Court Hearing
Custody Date
Visa Hearing